Aria Pro II fretless bass guitar repair

This Aria Pro II bass was bought by one of my regular customers. It was listed as a fretless long scale bass.
To the horror of the new owner it was a fretted bass that had had its frets removed.

After a bit of haggling with the seller he decided to keep the bass.

A new fingerboard would be too costly so it was decided that fret markers would be added.

The fret makers were made up from lines of maple veneer.

The guitar was set up with flat-wound strings to ease scoring on the fingerboard. Fret markers can be an practical option for bass players that are playing fretless for the first time.

4 Responses to “Aria Pro II fretless bass guitar repair”

  1. grahamlparker Says:

    Yes I will as soon as another noteworthy article presents itself

  2. Aria Pro II Fretless Bass guitar repair « Graham Parker Luthier Says:

    […] overhaul and set up. As the Aria Pro II range seems to generate a lot of interest (as did the previous blog) I decided to blog this one […]

  3. john Says:

    what year you think is that aria pro11 bass you have that is not frettless lol i have the same one. but i got it new back in like 1981 or 1980? i dont know the year it was made

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    I have the very same Aria Pro II bass AND it’s fretless AND it has light-colored fret markers JUST LIKE THIS ONE after your job !!! From Switzerland.

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