Guild 302A Bass Guitar Broken Neck Repair

The Guild 302A , a unique vintage bass.

This Guild 302A bass was brought  into the workshop with a split in it’s headstock. This presented a fairly routine repair. It was to be a visible fix because of budgetary constraints.

During the course of the repair it was decided that the existing Badass bridge should be removed and an original BT-4 bridge be installed. The chances of finding a BT-4 were fairly remote and the original for this bass had been lost several years ago. However, with much internet searching and to the great surprise and delight of the owner a second hand BT-4 was located for sale in the U.S.

On receipt of the new BT-4, the Badass bridge was removed and the old style bridge installed. The frets were polished and fingerboard cleaned. All the electrical components were overhauled and cleaned. The bass was fitted with new Rotosound strings, the truss rod adjusted and the string spacing and intonation set.

What resulted was a unique vintage guitar restored to it’s former glory.

Apparently only 500 of these basses were ever produced.

Spec for B-302A

Manufactured: 1978-81

Body: Ash

Neck: Set 3-piece maple, with 20 fret rosewood fingerboard

Scale: 34 inch

Overall length: 46 1/4″

Width at nut: 1 5/8″

Electronics/pickups: Two Guild single coil bass pickups, two volume and two tone controls, selector switch

Hardware: BT-4 bridge

4 Responses to “Guild 302A Bass Guitar Broken Neck Repair”

  1. Robert Says:

    According to the Guild book, only 235 of these ash and maple models were produced, but that’s not the important thing. Finally (because I was not prepared to trust Air Canada with your handiwork for the journey to our last gig) got the bass to stage so it could do what it was made for. And suffice to say it does just beautifully! Thanks!

  2. Richard Jones Says:

    I was wondering if you know who manufactured the BT-4 bridge that Guild used on the B-301 and B302 bass guitars?


  3. Graham Parker Luthier Says:

    Hi Richard,
    Thanks for the message.
    I don’t know who made the BT-4 Bridge for Guild basses. We lucked out on this job and were able to buy one in on ebay from the U.S.
    Good luck in your search. G 🙂

  4. Ryan Jones Says:

    Does anybody know what replacement pick ups could be used to stay close to the original spec? Are the originals very special?

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