Gibson Les Paul Guitar Repair

It amazes me what some people find in their attic.

This Vintage Gibson Les Paul has been shut up in the attic for decades and almost forgotten by its owner. The guitar was an eighteenth birthday present. ” I was offered a watch (boring), however I chose a guitar instead (wise choice in the long run). The guitar was £400 from Chandlers and that was back in 1989″.
This Les Paul Standard dates back to 1979. It had been partially re-fretted (not too well) but played reasonably and was used by the owner for a number of years. However, it went into storage in the attic for several decades and during that time the attractive Tobacco Sunburst lost all its surface sheen. The electrics became intermittent and all its hardware became dull and tarnished.


The guitar was stripped of all its hardware (machine heads, bridge, tailstock, pickups, electrics, scratchplate and even the strap-buttons. These where all set aside to be carefully cleaned and restored.

On closer inspection it was noticed that the fret-board and frets were in much need of attention. To restore the guitar back to its former glory, playability and performance the fingerboard would need to be re-fretted correctly.

It was also noticed that the Tune-O-Matic was not original. Fortunately I was able to locate an authentic 1970’s made in Germany bridge as a replacement. (Amended text 28.04.10)

Work commenced slowly over the course of several weeks

The frets were removed from the fingerboard. The rosewood was lightly sanded to reveal its luscious colour. The frets were measured and suitable matching replacements selected.

The hardware was polished and restored

The electrics were cleaned and replacement parts found where necessary

The finish was burnished and polished

New (old) Tune-O-Matic Bridge

The guitar was assembled and set  up for 10 – 42 gauge strings and is no longer hidden away in the attic, but takes a prime position within the owners household.

Meet Sean the happy owner

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