Vintage Gibson Mandolin Repair

Here’s something that you don’t see every day.

A beautiful old Gibson Mandolin.
It was made in 1941 when Mandolins enjoyed even greater popularity. This lovely old instrument was bought over from the U.S a few years back.

Gibson Mandolin 1941

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It had several issues.

The back/ribs/end-block join had become loose and because of this the tailpiece and strings anchorage had become distorted and misshapen. Also it was in need of and set-up, new strings and some general TLC.

Several days in the workshop and it was as right as rain. It played beautifully and sounded beautiful. It has now been restored back to playing spec and enjoying a working life in the U.K.

Well done Gibson for producing an instrument of quality, durability and longevity. And it’s not every day I get to say that.

One Response to “Vintage Gibson Mandolin Repair”

  1. Buddy McCue Says:

    Beautiful instrument.

    I’m glad that it is enjoying a working life now, as you said. I think that instruments (like people) are much happier when they have good work to do.

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