Hard Case

The safest way to ship your instrument is to pack it in its own well fitting hard case.
Ensure that there are no loose items inside the case that could damage the instrument in transit.
Detune the strings so as to relieve the tension from the neck, do not remove strings completely but slip a soft cloth under the strings to prevent them rubbing against the body and fingerboard.

If your guitar is finished in Nitrous Cellulose avoid using bubble wrap against the finish as contact can cause an adverse reaction. Any gaps between the case and guitar should be packed with protective packing material. For further protection wrap the headstock, neck and body in protective packing material.
Any loose parts, broken parts or hardware should be wrapped separately and placed in the interior compartment.

Cardboard Box

Ship the hard case in a large cardboard box. Your local guitar shop will have plenty of these that they usually throw out.
Pack the bottom of the box with polystyrene chips or scrunched up newspaper, lower the guitar case into the box, making certain that any gaps between the case and cardboard box are packed with polystyrene chips or scrunched up newspaper.

Cushion the inner top of the box with more polystyrene chips or scrunched up newspaper so as to suspend the guitar case within the cardboard box.

Seal the box with plenty of parcel tape and attach fragile stickers.
Label clearly on the back and front of the package and stick a “sender” address label in a convenient position on the box.
Contact the workshop for delivery details.

It is advisable to take out insurance cover on your guitar during transit. This can be done through the courier and will cost approximately 2% of the insured value.

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