Can you advise me on my guitar repairs?
Certainly. For guitar repairing handy tips and information please visit my Tech Tips pages.

Do you do new builds and can you build a guitar based on my own design?
Over the years I have taken on many varied and challenging commissions. I positively encourage the customer in the design process of guitar making. The results have always been interesting and very often awesome.

The most unusual to date being the headless ergonomic guitar commissioned for Al Eason, jazz guitarist extraordinaire and guitarist with the jazz ensemble D.A.T.A.

Can you customise a guitar to my requirements?Generally speaking, if it is feasible, most alterations and customisations can be successfully achieved. For example this Les Paul (left) was shipped over from Ascension Island down in the mid Atlantic, it was in a sorry state. However, with a bit of time and effort we soon had this looking and playing like a proper Gibson Custom Shop (right).Full story here…

I have just bought a new guitar. Is it worth my while having it set up professionally?

Definitely. Quality control in most factory produced guitars leaves a lot to be desired. It’s very disappointing to think that people spend their hard earned cash on a beautiful guitar that’s been sent out of the factory without too much attention to its playability.

What is your turn-around time?
Turn-around time would depend on the job in question. Here is a approximate idea:

  • Set-up work: 7 days
  • Cracks and splits: 3-5 days
  • Refrets: 1-4 weeks (depending on plain, banded or lacquered fingerboard)
  • Headstock break: (visible repair): 2 weeks
  • Headstock break: (invisible repair): 4-5 weeks

For all other types of repair please call me on 020 8694 2770 or email me at

Are you really expensive?
My pricing is very competitive. The cost of all work is agreed upon beforehand.

What got you interested in the business of guitar making and guitar repairs?
When I was in my mid twenties I met an old school friend, who was repairing guitars in a tiny back street room in  S.E.London, he agreed to train me and. After a while I decided that I needed some formal training and applied for a position at the London Guildhall University (formerly The London College of Furniture) which, at the time, had an excellent reputation for its musical instrument department. There where 7 places available that year on the course. I was interviewed and selected on the basis of my portfolio from 200 other applicants. I’m still very proud of being selected against so much competition!

Are you qualified?
I studied at London Guildhall University (formerly The London College of Furniture) for 4 years where I gained an ON Diploma and an HN Diploma (with distinctions) in Musical Instrument Design and Technology.

I went on to complete another 2 year course at Greenwich University where I gained a B Ed degree in Craft, Design and Technology.

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