Guitar Repair London: Collings Acoustic Guitar

This Collings acoustic guitar is in the workshop for a pick up to be installed.

A Fishman Passive pick up was decided upon to eliminate cutting a large rectangular hole in the rib of the guitar to except a pre-amp, and also to eliminate any need for a battery.

The saddle is removed and a hole is drilled in the saddle slot through into the soundboard. This is to except the pickup cable.

The strap-button is removed and a 12mm hole reamed through the rib and into the guitars internal end-block. This is to except the jack socket which will also serve as the new strap-button.

The internal pick-up cable is soldered to the jack-socket.

The jack-socket is tightened up and made secure.

The original bridge saddle in skimmed to compensate for the thickness of the under-saddle pick-up

Strung up and ready for the customer