Vintage Gibson Heritage Acoustic Bridge Repair

This Gibson Heritage acoustic dates back to the 1960s.

It’s in the workshop for a repair to its bridge, soundboard and bindings

•    The bridge has cracked wide open on its bass wing and lifting from the soundboard
•    The soundboard has a badly repaired split near to its scratchplate
•    The bindings are cracked and loose in places

The bridge is being held in place by two bolts through the bridge and soundboard with washers and nuts on the inside. The two bolts a hidden under two pearl dot inlays. These have to be removed to get to the screws. After attempting a few inlay removal techniques the dots would not yield and, unfortunately, have to be drilled out.

The bridge is easily removed with a wide-blade pallet knife

The bridge is repaired, cleaned and oiled

The area under the bridge is cleaned up

The bridge saddle is adjusted in height and shape

The bridge is re-glued

The Split in the soundboard is clearly visible here. This photo was taken through the soundhole using a mirror image to reveal the split.

The split is sealed on the outside and cleated on the underside of the soundboard

Another Vintage acoustic back in action

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