Guitar setup: Acoustic Guitar Repair: Fret Dressing a Martin D 28

This Martin HD 28 is in the workshop for a full set up and fret dress. It dates back to 1987 and this is its first serious set up.

The frets are showing signs of wear and tear. Also the fingerboard has started to show signs of wear and has a few grooves worn into it around the lower end on the treble side.
The fingerboard wear is tackled first. It is skimmed between the frets and the worst of the grooves filled and smoothed.

Next comes the fret dress.

The truss rod is released to ensure that the fingerboard is flat and level. The neck is supported along its length. The body work is protected and masked off.

The fret tops are skimmed with a fine honing stone to remove all fret wear and grooves. Also to ensure all frets are a uniform height.

The fingerboard is masked off. Each fret is re-profiled.

Each fret is polished up to 2500 grade Silicon Carbide paper and then finely polished with burnishing cream.

The guitar is strung up and the truss-rod reset for Martin medium gauge strings.

And it plays like a dream.

Meet Colin the happy owner.

Guitar Repair Specialist for Martin, Gibson, Fender, Guild, Takamine, Yamaha, Ovation and Adamas Guitars

Over three decades I have specialised  in repairing Martin, Gibson, Fender, Guild, Takamine, Yamaha, Ovation and Adamas guitars.

Repairs vary from basic set up work to full blown renovation and rebuilds.
The most extreme repair I have undertaken was taken into the workshop about 8 years ago; a woman had bought a Yamaha acoustic guitar for her husband from her local music shop and 2 years or so later he was sadly killed in a car crash. The guitar was also in the car at the time of the accident and was badly damaged in the resulting fire. The widow wanted the guitar restored as a memorial to her late husband but alas the only thing salvageable was the guitar’s bridge. I was commissioned to build an exact replica of his guitar using the old bridge.

Contact me if your guitar is in need of TLC and talk through the possibilities.