Aria Pro II Fretless Bass guitar repair in London

This bass was taken into the workshop last week for a complete overhaul and set up. As the Aria Pro II range seems to generate a lot of interest (as did the previous blog) I’ve decided to blog this one also.

This guitar is approximately 28 years old and has never had any professional attention. It’s in very good condition and still plays quite well. This is a testimony of excellence to the Matsumoku factory whose guitars and basses were extremely well manufactured and made from the best quality materials.

The bass was showing some wear and tear on the fingerboard due to the round-wound strings that have been used throughout its lifetime, but a clean up with some fine sandpaper, and lemon oil soon had it looking like new. The electrics where checked over and showed no signs of any ageing. The guitar set up and intonated like a dream, much to the delight of its owner.

Look out for further Aria Pro II blogs as there are several Aria guitars scheduled into the workshop for repair.

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